The Seascapist - Inspiration for the Seascape Photographer, for iPad

Inspiration for the Seascape Photographer, for iPad

Have you ever admired a long-exposure photograph of the ocean, with mystic water and vibrant sky, wishing you could produce your own?

Meet The Seascapist.

Inspiration for the seascape photographer.

Be Inspired

The Seascapist is a visually-oriented learning aid providing over 25 gorgeous retina-optimised long-exposure photographs of the south-east coast of Australia as inspiration.

Each photograph includes settings used to produce the image, as well as descriptive text helpful in inspiring long-exposure creations of your own.

Master the Settings

The Seascapist also teaches basic photographic principles and how to best utilise them for long-exposure landscape photography. Explained are the benifits of shooting in RAW, finding the best shooting mode for your style, shooting long bulb-exposures plus many tips and tricks.

Basic fundamentals covered include:
Aperture, shutter speed, ISO and basic post-processing, including several interactive before and after comparisons.


Neutral-density filters play an important role in long-exposure landscape and seascape photography.

The Seascapist provides a simple introduction to neutral-density filters and how they can be used to produce beautiful dream-like seaside photographs.

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The Seascapist

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